• My Next Logo

    Michael Neely Marketing Logo I am building a new website called MichaelNeelyMarketing.com and this is my logo for my new business site. It is still under construction right now, but I will be unveiling it soon. This also shows a few ideas that I had regarding my own logo design needs and how I satisfied… [Continue Reading]

    My Next Logo
  • Logo Design Sample

    Sample Logo Design I created this logo design sample in Photoshop by following a tutorial on YouTube from BlueLighteningTV. I have to give props to Marty at Blue Lightening TV and I have learned a lot from his tutorials. I first tried creating a logo similar to this in Illustrator but it didn’t work out.… [Continue Reading]

    Logo Design Sample
  • Logo Design Sample #2

    Logo Design Sample I used Photoshop to create this sample logo and this graphic uses a lot of the effects available in Photoshop.  I did not create the background. That is a graphic that I got from a free source on the Internet. I can develop logos for any business. This just shows some of… [Continue Reading]

    Logo Design Sample #2
  • SERFCO Brochure Outside

    Southeastern Refrigeration Company Brochure Outside This is the outside of the Southeastern Refrigeration Company brochure that I adapted from their website.

    SERFCO Brochure Outside
  • SERFCO Brochure Inside

    Southeastern Refrigeration Company Brochure This is a brochure that I adapted from their website and created the layout for. It is a basic design working with the blues of the company logo.

    SERFCO Brochure Inside
  • NeelyWrites.com Brochure

    NeelyWrites.com Brochure Inside This is the inside of the brochure for NeelyWrites.com, my freelance writing site. I did all of the writing and chose the graphics to insert into the publication. I did not design the brochure from scratch, however I have the capability to design from scratch.

    NeelyWrites.com Brochure
  • NeelyWrites.com Brochure Outside

    NeelyWrites.com Inside Brochure Here is a brochure I wrote for which I wrote the content. I did not design this particular brochure, but I did choose and insert the graphics. I have the capability to design brochures like this in InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator. I will be designing a brochure from the ground up for… [Continue Reading]

    NeelyWrites.com Brochure Outside
  • Graphic Design Item #1

    Having a little fun one day… This is a graphic design item that I created one day using GIMP or GIMPShop (I don’t remember), an open source graphic design software I used on occasion before I started using Photoshop again. Return to Portfolio

    Graphic Design Item #1
  • Graphic Design Item #2

    Another graphic design item This is another graphic design item I created a few years ago. I used GIMP or GIMPShop, an open source graphic design program. It turned out pretty well for just having a little fun. Return to Portfolio

    Graphic Design Item #2
  • Graphic Design Item #3

    This is another graphic design idea I produced for a blog post I wrote at MichaelNeelyBlog.com.  The blog post was in support of the “No Participation Trophies Allowed” idea. There simply no trophies for just showing up. It’s a great start, but just showing up doesn’t close the deal, get the commission check, or win… [Continue Reading]

    Graphic Design Item #3
  • Graphic Design Item #4

    This is a graphic design I made for a blog post I wrote on MichaelNeely.net. I built it in Adobe Photoshop. I get my graphics from iStockPhoto by Getty Images, but I couldn’t find the graphic I wanted. The solution was to create the graphic I wanted to illustrate my point. The blog post is… [Continue Reading]

    Graphic Design Item #4
  • NeelyWrites.com

    NeelyWrites.com is my site marketing my services as a business writer. I write articles, blog posts, web content, brochures, internal marketing and more. Visit NeelyWrites.com today to see how I can help your business communicate better with those who matter most to your business. This is NeelyWrites.com.   Return to Portfolio

  • MichaelNeely.net

    MichaelNeely.net is a site that was first intended to display all the various businesses on which I was working. Then, one by one, the businesses either fizzled out or my interest in them waned. I repurposed the site as an additional blog site to help build my personal brand in October 2015. This is MichaelNeely.net.… [Continue Reading]

  • MichaelNeelyBlog.com

    My First Self-Hosted Blog I began blogging in July 2005 at a platform called  Yahoo 360 and an early precursor to social media as we know it today. Hurricane Katrina formed over Florida a month later and about three years later, the Yahoo 360 platform was gone along with my work. I started thinking about… [Continue Reading]

  • The Original Site

    MichaelNeelyFreelancer.com Original Site This is the site that I started building in October 2011 as the restaurant I was working in started to show signs that it was going to close. I was 100% invested in the restaurant as far as my time went, and I started teaching myself HTML, CSS, Javascript and some PHP.… [Continue Reading]

    The Original Site