• WordPress Web Design

    Custom WordPress Sites Built Just for You and Your Business! Thinking about a new website? Do you need to make some changes to an existing website? Maybe you would like a website built for your family reunion, family event or another special occasion? Whatever your new or existing website design needs are, I can complete… [Continue Reading]

    WordPress Web Design
  • Press Releases

    Is your business in the news? Why Not? Do people read about your business in the news? Why Not? Press releases can help you build a following and build your internet presence at the same time. The news features businesses every day. Why isn’t your business being featured in the news? People can’t do business… [Continue Reading]

    Press Releases
  • Welcome!

    Need Help with Your Marketing Projects? Welcome to MichaelNeelyFreelancer.com. Do you need help with your B2B marketing campaigns? Do you have more work than your staff can handle? Did your “go-to” freelancer go on vacation…and you need help? Maybe you’ve never hired a freelancer before but would like to try it for your company. Whether… [Continue Reading]

  • Business Writing

    Professional Writers Can Make an Enormous Difference In Your Marketing Results! Writing is easy, right? You just take out a pen and piece of paper and start putting down what comes to mind. Most of us have been doing it all of our lives, just not for business. Writing for business is different from those… [Continue Reading]

    Business Writing
  • Social Media Management

    Are You Using Social Media To Communicate Effectively With Your Customers? What Is “Social Media?” Social media marketing is a not a new idea. It is an idea as old as human civilization. Networking, has been greatly enhanced by technology over the last 20 or so years. For a broad definition, social media are the… [Continue Reading]

    Social Media Management