• Postcards

    Self-mailers, Postcards, and more. Do you do direct mail for your clients? I can help you design your next direct mail piece. I work with several different mail houses across the country and I am well-instructed in the postal regulations regarding brochures and flyers.

  • Flyers

    Event Flyers Sales Flyers Do you have special promotions that change on a regular basis? I can help you highlight your sales promotions with flyers. Attractive, colorful flyers have been an effective marketing tool in the past. As long as humans use their eyes and hands, flyers will continue to be a great marketing tool.… [Continue Reading]

  • Testimonials

    What Our Clients Are Saying About Me and My Work Now that I’ve been in business for a little while, you will find it helpful to check out what my clients are saying about my work. I think I do awesome work, but you may not believe me. Another example of my work is the… [Continue Reading]

  • Why You Need A Website You Are Proud Of

    Don’t Have a Website? Get a Business Website! The chances are excellent that your business has a website. However, according to this Inc Magazine article, over half of all small businesses don’t have a website. If your business doesn’t have a website, fill out this form, email me, or call me today and get a… [Continue Reading]

    Why You Need A Website You Are Proud Of
  • How A Graphic Designer Improves Sales

    How Hiring A Graphic Designer Can Drive Your Sales My name is Michael Neely, and I am a graphic designer (among other things). If you are reading this page right now, it’s because you have indicated that you need to hire a graphic designer to help your company with your latest marketing campaign. If you… [Continue Reading]

    How A Graphic Designer Improves Sales
  • WordPress Web Design

    Custom WordPress Sites Built Just for You and Your Business! Thinking about a new website? Do you need to make some changes to an existing website? Maybe you would like a website built for your family reunion, family event or another special occasion? Whatever your new or existing website design needs are, I can complete… [Continue Reading]

    WordPress Web Design